ECOFusion - Clean, Safe, Abundant Nuclear Power

The Problems - Lack of Publicity and Lack of Money

While ECOFusion promises a great advance in energy production, there are presently two problems that are stopping ECOFusion from being developed: there is a lack of publicity and a lack of money.

Producing energy on a large scale often requires a lot of money, and ECOFusion is no exception. ECOFusion is estimated to cost between $10 million and $20 million to develop the first prototype. And that amount of money is difficult to raise!

The other problem is a lack of publicity. There is a general lack of understanding, even within the scientific community, about the science of space charge neutralized particle beams. As such, it has proven difficult to get funding from governmental channels. It has also made getting publicity difficult. Dr. Larson has chronicled his difficulties in finding funding in a blog. Click here to learn more.

You Can Help By Participating in Our Fundraisers!

We are presently getting ready to launch our first Kickstarter Campaign! Check back often for details on how you can help ECOFusion!

You Can Help By Raising Awarness - Spread the Word!

It is extremely well known that the world needs a new energy source. The potential problems of fossil fuel use have been widely publicized. Even in the realm of fusion there have been a couple of startup businesses that have been successful at getting funding.

But in order to get funded, the idea must at least get to the right people! And it is there that you can help! Please help by copying the meme below into your social media feed and ask others to do the same. (Right click on the picture and choose to save it to your laptop and then use it from there.) If ECOFusion becomes generally known, the chances of it being funded will increase greatly!

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You Can Help By Raising Money - Join BookWormBiz!

After trying numerous approaches to fund ECOFusion, Dr. Larson founded in an effort to raise the needed money. BookWormBiz is a Network Marketing Company wherein members sell and/or purchase electronic products, such as eBooks and webinars. BookWormBiz is designed to cost around $10 per month, and it has all of the upsides of a Network Marketing business that you can join.

Click the image below to learn about BookWormBiz, and please consider joining. By building your own BookWormBiz business, or by purchasing BookWormBiz products, you can help to fund ECOFusion!

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No Matter How You Help - Thank You!

Whether you choose to grow your own BookWormBiz business, purchase products from BookWormBiz, or help us by reposting our meme, we wish to thank you for your support! ECOFusion will only get off the ground with help from others, and your efforts can make a difference!

Thank You for Your Interest in ECOFusion!